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We are honored to have such a wonderful group of customers who value our philosophy, integrity and commitment. Here is what they have to say about us….


  • Daniel Reid

    “We've been using the excellent health food products from Rawganiq for two years now, both on our own table at home and in our "Renew Your Lease on Life" health programs, and can attest to the purity and nutritional power of every item on their menu.”

  • Jay Eyears

    Founder of Surya Plant-Based Rejuvenation Sanctuary

    “We have been buying Rawganiq products for approximately 1 year and know this to be a company of integrity. They are well priced, reliable, always delivering on time, and their products are of the highest quality with 100% organic authenticity.”

  • Donatas Ahinsa

    Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant/Executive Chef, 5 Star Medical Wellness and Detox Resort

    “Rawganiq is simply my number one go to Organic supplier in South East Asia. The most important aspects I am always looking for are temperature control, hygiene, certifications, nutritional profile and customer service, which this company covers more and beyond…”