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About Us


We’re a family-owned company based in Thailand.

We hail from pasts which have had their fair share of health concerns either individually or with direct family and friends. Neither of us are believers in modern day chemical medicines and thus have always migrated back to the kitchen and outdoors to try and control dis-ease within our lives. Doesn’t matter if the issue is physical or a mental health one, we always believe that natural, wholesome, free-from food is the best medicine.

It starts from our love for the environment. Both passionate about the great outdoors, fresh air, open pastures, ocean breezes and clean water. Being able to combine these free natural elements with a nutrient dense diet full of wholesome ingredients, plenty of water and time to reflect, are what we believe we should all benefit from. Mother nature has provided everything we need – we just need to embrace her.

We understand that your wellbeing is built from the ground up and so our RAWGANIQ® promise is to deliver honest, premium quality products that make you feel sensational within yourself and about the world around you. We care about all elements within the supply chain and try our utmost to ensure that we leave a sustainable footprint in everything we do.

Our Organic certified ingredients are sourced directly from farmers around the world, grown and harvested in pristine fields, from the breath-taking highlands in Peru where products are grown at the highest altitudes between 7,000 – 11,000 feet, to the lush landscapes of Inner Mongolia, known for its clean way of life. This is where we build trusting relationships and form lasting friendships. These acts of the heart ensure that we source the purest ingredients, as the most vital element in bringing you wellness.

All of our ingredients are vacuum packed at source before being imported into Thailand, to ensure maximum freshness and reduce risk of damage.

Back in our own boutique Certified Organic factory in Chonburi, we apply the same nurturing character to our processing and packing, by controlling temperature, light and oxidation and avoiding harsh physical processes, to maintain the integrity of the nutrition within our products.

And to conclude this journey, all of our products are tested & verified by a 3rd party laboratory, to ensure your safety and natural nutrition. Our passion with quality requires that only the purest product makes it into our superior, safety tested, certified and fresh packaging formats.

RAWGANIQ® products are free from chemicals, artificial flavours, colorants, pesticides, preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.