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All our products are certified organic by CERES GmbH to USDA/NOP and/or EU standards. Our certificates validate the entire supply chain. This means that both our suppliers and our local manufacturing facilities are certified organic, giving you that extra assurance of quality.

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GHPs/HACCP Codex Accredited

We directly import our ingredients from contract farmers around the world, to ensure transparency and highest quality. We then pack and process them in our GHPs/HACCP Codex certified facility.

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Before being released for sale, each of our products have been sent to a 3rd party laboratory for independent analysis, to further ensure your safety and nutrition. (Click “Lab analysis” tab on Product info pages to learn more)

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What does


mean to us ?


We believe that honesty is always the best policy. In today’s world of healthfood and wellness, it is difficult to know who to trust. We understand this struggle as consumers, thus we aim to differentiate ourselves by providing you honest, researched, genuine and unbiased information supporting your journey towards optimal health.


Meals without nutrients simply are not worth eating. When it’s time to feed your mind and power your body, the choices are endless. Our passion lies in ensuring you get the most bounce per ounce by providing the key building blocks a health-conscious diet needs. Don’t settle for less.


From seed to table, we contribute to creating a sustainable eco-system for all.

Consumers: Your health matters most to us. As providers of HONEST NUTRITION, we assure you the optimal nutrient solutions to build, maintain and extend your health regimes.  

Farmers: Without our farmers, where would we be? By never losing sight of this, we ensure that we source all products equitably and always build mutually beneficial relationships with these growers whose livelihoods support our health. It is the least we can do to support them.

Environment: Being honest with ourselves means ensuring that we are working in harmony with our surroundings. We’re committed to living to our motto - Live your Best, Leave only Prints. Protecting and restoring our natural landscape, supporting sustainable agricultural practices and innovating with eco-friendly packaging, we help build the platform for our next generation.

What does


mean for you ?

Raw Material Quality

Organic Certified, Pesticides Free, Food Safety Certificates, Best Source


Minimally Processed, Low or No Heat, Non-abrasive, Temperature Controlled


Environment Friendly, Convenient, Reusable

Finished Goods

Laboratory Tested, Full of Nutrients, Taste as good as nature intended




Natural foods are simply that…Natural. We will never adulterate our products by stripping them of their natural, health-giving nutrients through refining, deodorizing, bleaching or using excessive heat. It’s just not what honest nutrition is all about.

Preservatives and additives may sound like a good idea to some, but they’re not natural and they’re anything but pure. We refrain from using any additives as we believe in and trust the goodness from Mother Nature - after all, she has been here for many years before us.

You are what you eat, so if you want to feel energetic and ready to enjoy the day, you need to eat in a way that’s naturally balanced and energizing. That’s why our approach to nutrition is to never use chemicals, process or environmental toxins, GMO’s or inorganic matter. Your body is your temple, and we’ll help you keep it that way.

Your body and our farmers have something in common: they love organic food – the way nature intended. Their non-pesticide organic farming methods, combined with our organic certified manufacturing process, assure you a source of clean energy that will always burn bright. Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides – doesn’t matter what you call them, with us they will never be ‘inside’.

There’s simply no better way to do it. Our conscience is clear.

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We are honored to have such a wonderful group of customers who value our philosophy, integrity and commitment. Here is what they have to say about us….


  • Daniel Reid

    “We've been using the excellent health food products from Rawganiq for two years now, both on our own table at home and in our "Renew Your Lease on Life" health programs, and can attest to the purity and nutritional power of every item on their menu.”

  • Jay Eyears

    Founder of Surya Plant-Based Rejuvenation Sanctuary

    “We have been buying Rawganiq products for approximately 1 year and know this to be a company of integrity. They are well priced, reliable, always delivering on time, and their products are of the highest quality with 100% organic authenticity.”

  • Donatas Ahinsa

    Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant/Executive Chef, 5 Star Medical Wellness and Detox Resort

    “Rawganiq is simply my number one go to Organic supplier in South East Asia. The most important aspects I am always looking for are temperature control, hygiene, certifications, nutritional profile and customer service, which this company covers more and beyond…”